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What patients are saying

Happy Girl
I'd had great success with Endobiogenics in Portland and wanted to continue with this method when we returned to England. My Portland practitioner pointed me to Paul and I'm so glad he did because he's phenomenal! When I first saw Paul in 2016 I had a long list of issues I'd been trying (but failing) to resolve. He took a very detailed history, then prescribed tinctures, supplements, lifestyle and dietary changes. I followed his plan to the letter and after a very short time the issues I went to see him about disappeared.
I love the level of health, happiness and productivity Paul has helped me achieve and I like how we now work together to keep optimising my health so I can lead the long, happy life I want to!
Paul is calm, kind, egoless and thorough. He's not a one trick pony with a set idea on how to fix things. He's intuitive, open-minded, well-researched and knowledgeable and he never assumes something isn't reversible, avoidable or treatable. He gives me great confidence that I do not have to decline like my parents did and I feel happier, calmer and healthier than ever before.
Thanks so much Paul - you've taken my life from woe to wonderful in the most incredibly short time. I will always be grateful for your excellent work. 
Amanda Brooks
Image by Jon Tyson
"Paul is an exceptional practitioner.
By following Paul's advice and having his medicine, now lots of allergic reactions I used to have for about 3 decades are almost gone! I am very much looking for further treatment. He is not just doing medical treatment but does some types of diet.
And in the consultation room, I could receive so much of learnings from him, so I can get to know exactly how my body works and why symptoms occurred.
Also other workers are always very kind and supper supportive to me.
(lots of healthy food/goods are available there."
Tadashi Imai
"If you're looking for a health specialist Paul is brilliant. If you have problems, diagnosed or not - book in to see him. He put together custom tinctures and dietary plan to help with my sinusitis, allergies & fatigue."
Harry Steel



I have had a great experience with endobiogenic medicine and with Paul as my Practitioner. He is very thorough and processional and I have seen great results from his treatment. One of the most important things for me is a practitioner who is grounded and is guided by science. I have found this to be very true when dealing with Paul. I have recommended him to friends and family who also have had great results.
Chris Antonoudiou
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