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Functional biology
(endobiogenic blood test)

  The functional biology, also known as the biology of functions, is a unique blood test unlike no other. It does not evaluate serum levels (blood levels) of hormones. Rather, it evaluates the activity of the hormones at a cellular and tissular level, providing over 150 markers. Conventional blood tests which evaluate serum levels of hormones do not look at how the hormones are functioning in the body and do not consider the notion of relativity. This is why, in many cases, a patient may present with symptoms but have normal blood test results.

  The functional biology, helps the practitioner understand the cause of the dysfunctions at hand and in so doing devise an effective treatment plan. Rather than simply relying on patient symptoms, the functional biology allows the practitioner to evaluate the patients progress, numerically, over time.

  If you would like to book the endobiogenic blood test (functional biology) please call Health Matters on 0208 441 8335

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